Becki Crosby:   “Girl in Progress”
Tiffany Webster:   “Letting Go of Perfection and Living by the Power of Christ’s Grace”
Meg Wright:   “Discovering Your Divine Nature and Beauty”
Samantha Kelly:   “Stress Management: Power in Choosing Peace”
Annie Vandermyde:   “The Atonement: Not Just for the Sinner”
Rosemary Card:   “Doing Things Differently Because it Feels Dang Right”
Sarah Tyau:   “In Times When You Don’t Like Being a Mom”
Kirsten Tyrrel:   “Push to be Marvelous”
Alexa Zurcher:   “Sharing the Gospel via Social Media”
Erica Wilkenson:   “Turning Your Mess into Your Message”
Brooke Watson:   “How a Busy Woman Can Become a Stripling Scriptorian”
Lindsay Aerts:   “Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: An LDS Perspective”

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