We had our second SALT event on October 13 and 14, 2017 at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. It was a time filled with learning, personal growth, and fun spent with women from all over the United States and Canada who all came together with a common cause!

We started the weekend off with Courtney Casper from Courtney Casper Letters who taught a class all about Inspired Lettering. 32 women came together to learn how to hand letter and to connect with the Spirit while doing so. The night began with us all introducing ourselves and sharing WHY we came to SALT. It was such a great night to learn more about these women and to connect with each other. Courtney taught the basics of hand lettering and then after dessert, she allowed them to spend time tapping into their own Spirit and gathering inspiration from themselves to hand letter. Courtney is a big believer that hand lettering can be a tool to connect with our Spirits and we were so grateful that she could be there to teach the women these things. You can see pictures from this night in the gallery below.

October 14th started with everyone checking in and receiving their swag bags, turning in their items for the service project, and then taking a seat for the opening session. Katie Ivie started the day off as she taught us the process of spiritual learning. She spoke on the difference between Doubt and Questions and taught us that questions are a good thing when asked in faith. After that, we had 2 breakout sessions, where everyone was able to choose which classes they wanted to attend, with Jen Parker who spoke on “Learning to Love Your Imperfections, While Living in a Perfection Obsessed World” and with Lindsey Shipley who spoke on “But if Not… Holding to the Iron Rod No Matter What!”. After that we had 2 more breakout sessions with Maria Eckersley who spoke on “Look Unto Me in Every Thought, Doubt Not, Fear Not” and then a Motherhood Panel titled, “Restoring a Mother’s Perspective” with Shannon Tripp, Shelby Osmond, and Si Foster. 

For lunch, we had a yummy buffet and then had a chance to sit and mingle with the women at our tables. As everyone was finishing their meal, we heard all about our service project and some history behind the House of Hope and who we were going to help. Then women went through a line and put different items in the backpacks – shampoo, conditioner, feminine supplies, hair brushes etc, while other women were able to help by putting together the supplies for an art project for the women at The House of Hope to do with their children. And finally, other women were able to write encouraging notes to put in the backpacks for the women at the House of Hope to read upon arrival.

After lunch, we all gathered together for a panel on body image titled, “Why the Devil Can’t I Love My Body” by Rachel Gainer, Cheyenne Hayes, and Elizabeth Dall. They taught such powerful truths about loving our bodies and how we are to use our bodies as instruments to further God’s work. We had one more session of breakout sessions with Nicole Carpenter who taught on “Finding Life-Balance From the Inside Out” and then from Cassidy Miller who spoke on “Just Take One Small Step in a Good Direction”.  After those breakout sessions, we transitioned into Roundtable Discussions where there were 12 tables that the women could choose to sit at. These discussions were a wide range of topics ranging from family history apps and spiritual awareness to sharing the gospel and goal setting. [See below for a list of these classes and instructors].

As we all gathered together for our closing session, Jessi Henrie sang a gorgeous arrangement of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and then our closing speaker, Sharlie Kaltenbach, ended the night by sharing with us her experiences with cystic fibrosis and how God can make our lives so much better as we turn to Him. The Spirit was very present and it was the perfect way to wrap up an already spiritual day.

As we walked out of the event space, we saw the backpacks lined up that were stuffed full for the women at the House of Hope. It was a great reminder of the power that we as women have as we come together with a common goal!

Thank you to everyone that attended – it really was a day we will always remember and we hope that you left feeling edified and changed!





Round Table Discussion Topics + Leaders

– “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” with Chelsea Anderson 

– “Following Promptings to Serve Those Around Us“ with Liberti Van Gass

– “My Favorite Family History Apps” with Carissa Rasmussen 

– “Creating Unity Among Women” with Amber Richardson 

– ““Lord is it I?” Embracing Your Power to Change” with Tiffany Braithwaite 

– “Living With Faith and Finding Joy Despite Mental Health Challenges” with Julie Bristow 

– “When Heavenly Father Says “Wait”” with Elise Hunter 

– “Gaining Spiritual Power and Confidence by Building the Kingdom of God” with Laura Cope 

– “Mindful Living and Spiritual Awareness” with Jackie Rock 

– “Write the Messy, Write the Little Things, Write You” with Kasie Payne 

– “How the Savior is the Ultimate Mediator for Marriage” with Jan Clark 

– “Setting and Accomplishing Goals Just Like Nephi and Alma” with Lisa Andersen

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