Reagan Ogle

Reagan is resolutely a champion of women. She was raised in Idaho among five siblings, four of which are sisters. Her parents taught her “a girl is as strong as she believes,” and Reagan has been diligently working to ensure every woman she meets believes that to be true. Reagan married her best friend in 2008 and forfeit pursuing her degree at Brigham Young University to start a family and help support her husband through doctorate school. She has not missed a beat and loves new opportunities to stretch her potential, learn from other women, and grow from new experiences. Reagan has found that her collegiate years provided her with prowess in life by building a deep and firm belief in Christ, our Savior. Reagan has taken her callings in the Young Women’s program with a purpose to help guide each young woman toward a life of courageous discipleship. She was blessed to be a central figure in the 2016 Mrs. Idaho Pageant as an ambassador for innovative education and continues to support furthering our society’s future through the betterment of childhood education. As the mother to three precocious children, Reagan now gives daily motivation, inspiration, and support to a growing group of mothers through her podcast, The Luckiest Mom. Reagan is elated to be a part of SALT’s mission because she believes that when a woman’s faith in Christ is strong she will work mighty miracles on this Earth.

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