Courtney is a mom, wife, daughter, sister & friend. She also happens to have a passion for the art found within Hand Lettering and cultivating a space for women to connect and commune with one another.

 Courtney has taught hundreds of women the art of hand lettering through her successful workbooks, online teaching, and workshops. Founder of “The Love Note Project” and “The Book of Mormon Project” Courtney won’t stop there. She runs in the direction that inspiration pushes her towards, and doesn’t look back. Into the unknown, making this up as she goes, she just wants you to know that YOU ARE LOVED.

 Court feels like one of her purposes in life is to be a friend to the thousands of women on social media that are starving for light and realness in the midst of endless perfect little squares. To reach out and link arms with whomever shows up and share in the real and raw fight to stay in the Light. She has a unique sensitivity and compassion towards others, and hopes to encourage and lift where she stands.  

 You can find more of Courtney and all her projects, upcoming workshops, and inspiration at or on Instagram @CourtneyCasper.Letters 


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