Cassy Hulse

Cassy Hulse is a student at BYU studying Linguistics. She’s always had a passion for writing and sharing stories, but never imagined it would become a catalyst in her life until she one day felt impressed to write and publish a blog post about her lifelong struggle with pornography addiction as a woman. ( To her surprise, hundreds of people—mainly women—messaged her privately to express gratitude for giving a voice to their addiction when they had been too ashamed to say anything. Cassy is now an activist for women in recovery of sexual addiction. She is involved with multiple organizations dedicated to fighting the plague of pornography and human-trafficking, including Reach 10 and Operation Underground Railroad. Her mission is to give a voice to women who fear they can’t speak openly about their sexual addiction and to help educate the community about the true nature of pornography addiction and to dispel the fear and shame that surround the topic of pornography. Above all else, she wants to express that every single person, no matter how they’ve been affected by the plague of pornography, has the power to change the world around them by learning the right tools of connection, empathy, and love. There is hope for healing and she is determined to teach the world how to find that hope.

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