Cami DeWitt

Cami DeWitt is an Arizona native who has lived her life between the White Mountains and the Sonoran desert, with a splash of Utah in between.

Although she had the typical teenage dreams of a perfect Plan A life, she continues to learn that the Lord answers her prayers in many different ways and usually differently than she expected.

Cami D. did not marry a returned missionary, but she is a returned missionary who served in North and South Dakota. She hasn’t been married in the temple (yet!), rather she has been attending the temple for nearly 20 years and currently serves weekly in the Gilbert AZ Temple. She hasn’t purchased her dream home (husband yet to be found), but she has owned several homes. She does not have children of her own, but she “has” more children and teenagers than any mother she knows!

As Certified Life Coach, Cami D. uses her humor, her relationship with the Savior, her spiritual gifts and talents to key into the specific needs of her clients as they rediscover their individual worth and their true self.

Cami D. shares real life and motivational thoughts on her Instagram account: @coachingwithcamid and helps give deeper insights through her blog on her website:

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