Arielle Nelson

Arielle is a twenty-something film editor living in Utah with her cat and about 40 houseplants. She’d like to say that she spends her days hiking and learning to cook, but if we’re being honest she’s probably out leash-training her cat or making really bad puns at IHOP.  After struggling with an eating disorder, food addiction, and yo-yo dieting for nearly two decades, she decided to take her struggles with weight and body image to the Lord instead of to the gym and got an interesting response: “Arielle, you need to learn how to love yourself the way I love you.” This answer catapulted her into a year of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love. Two years later, Arielle has a firm testimony of how our physical journey and spiritual journey work together; and while God did not remove the burden of an eating disorder, He turned it into a faith-driven, bonding experience. With body insecurities running rampant among women, Arielle feels compelled to share how taking our physical burdens to the Lord and learning to love ourselves can completely change the game.

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