When I was twenty years old I had what I believe, my very own interpretation of Lehi´s dream .I believe that Heavenly Father knows I need visual aids to understand what He is trying to tell me.  Therefore, I will dream about complex questions or warnings that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me.  You see, I was not living the gospel according to His law and standards when I was twenty.  I was somewhere in the middle of obedience and defiance.  

In this dream I was wandering around in a mist.  I made my way out of the mist and found a brick wall. I sat there and watched the people around me.  Some would stay in the mist, others like me, found their way out and some went to the left and right of the brick wall. As I was sitting there a young man came up to me and said ¨either go to the left or to the right, but make a decision.  There is not sitting on the fence.”  In this dream I made the decision to get off the wall and went to the right of the fence.  To the left of the brick wall was a sidewalk that went up a short hill.  To the right was a long and steep hill.  When I climbed over I could not stand up on my own due to the sharp incline of this hill, it almost went straight up.  The only thing I could hold onto was tiny tree roots. Although they were tiny at first and hard to hold on I continued to climb up.  I often kept falling and slipping on the muddy surface of this hill.  But as I kept going higher and higher the roots began to get bigger and bigger.  By the time I reached the top of the hill it was at a straight incline.  But the roots were so large now I could climb them like steps to the top.  When I reached the top of the hill I saw the most beautiful white light.  I went to the light and saw a door.  I opened the door and it turned into a beautiful pure white building.  As I stepped through the threshold I was cleansed with a waterfall.  I looked around and I was dressed in all white and so was everyone else.  

You see, God knew that I needed a visual aid.  He showed me that tiny steps would lead me to the straight and narrow path.  And eventually the temple. But first I needed to chose for myself to embrace repentance.  I needed to seek His forgiveness and prepare myself.  My testimony and understanding of the gospel needed to grow.  Much like the parable of the mustard seed in the Jesus tell us in Mark “But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches.¨  

My testimony was that of a mustard seed at the time of this dream.  It was small but there.  If I gave it roots by planting it in my soul and nourished it with obedience the roots would become strong and firm.  The roots became my branches and held me up during the hardest part of my walk up the hill.  My journey to repentance was long.  For me it was long because my testimony and understanding of the gospel needed to be rock solid.  I needed to be made strong and immovable.  

In Jacob chapter 5 of The Book of Mormon the parable of the olive tree is told and unraveled for us.  I too, needed to be grafted and made strong to withstand the harsh winds as the olive trees did.  I have had many trials in my life.  Some much harder than others for me to handle.  Once I knew that I was ready to go to my bishop and repent I was scared.  What would he think of me?  How can I confess all of my sins and be forgiven?  I confessed everything.  I laid out all of my shame and my guilt in front of the Bishop, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I had been holding on to this shame for years.  And when I was done the immense weight off of my soul could be felt like fresh air to an oxygen deprived diver.  I felt free.  The chains of shame had been broken.  My next appointment with the Bishop was a referral to the Stake President to receive my endowments.  My husband is a non-member and I would be doing this alone.  I believe my Heavenly Father not only forgave me but nurtured me and made me whole so that I could have the strength to keep my endowments alone.  

When I met with the Stake President he looked me in the eye and said I was forgiven.  Not by him or my Bishop but by God himself.  And this was possible because the Savior Jesus Christ atoned for my sins that day in Gethsemane.  He suffered for me and therefore with me as my spirit was converted.  As the Stake President assured me I had been forgiven a light enveloped the room and I felt the love of my Savior and Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost.  I knew I had been forgiven because the Holy Ghost made it manifest unto me.  As I went through the temple for the first time I wept from the beginning to the end.  I wept for pure gratitude.  My Father in Heaven sent me a dream to help me get to this place in my life.  To worthily enter His holy temple meant more to me than I can express. To realize that my Savior loved me enough to be tortured so that one day I could enter His Father´s temple was overwhelming.  It was more love than I have ever felt.  

DeDe Galindo has a degree in Multi Cultural Counseling.  She is a veteran of the United States Air Force and currently a Nursery teacher.  When she is not taking care of her family and folding laundry, she enjoys watching the Hallmark Channel and HGTV.  She loves to read detective novels with strong female leads.  She loves her blended family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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