A couple of nights ago, I was rattling off to my husband all the areas where I feel like I am failing. Things can add up pretty quick and can leave me feeling pretty down about all the stuff that “I’m not doing”. Later that night during my prayers, I had the thought, “Just master one thing”. I got up and thought for a minute. Rather than focusing on all of the things I wasn’t doing, what if I were to put my energy into mastering just one thing?

“Rather than focusing on all of the things I wasn’t doing,
what if I were to put my energy into mastering just one thing?”


When I stood up from my prayer that night, I told my husband the thought I had.  We decided that for 30 days we were going to put our focus and energy on one thing, and not feel bad about all the other things “we weren’t doing”. After some discussion, we decided that one area that we can improve on is our prayers together. We have never really been good at couples prayers because I am a night owl and my husband is the opposite! It has always been easy to say “Well, he is already asleep, so I’ll just say my own prayers and then slip into bed.”

I created this background for my phone (because I look at my phone about 1,000 times a day… Am I alone in this?!), so I knew that I would see this background all the time and be reminded of our goal. I used a picture from my friend Jessica Parker’s Instagram (@jessica.parker.printshop – CHECK HER OUT IF YOU HAVEN’T!  She sells beautiful double exposure pictures of Temples!), and then I used the Rhonna Designs app on my phone to do the text. Saved it and put it as my wallpaper!

It’s been 15 days since we started this little goal and we have only missed one night! (So much better than only praying once together in 15 days!) I am hoping that after the 30 days has passed, that we will have mastered this one thing and then we can move onto the next goal together.

So rather than feeling down about all the things you feel like you need to do, try to focus on “Just mastering one thing”! Let us know what your goal is and how it’s going over on our Instagram!



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