"Learning to Love Your Imperfections, While Living in a Perfection Obsessed World" with Jen Parker

An introspective look into what makes us, as LDS women, so addicted and envious of perfection (or perceived perfection). Going hand in hand with that will be ways we can use Christ’s Atonement to learn to love ourselves completely even with all our imperfections. Taught by a super imperfect girl.

"Just Take One Small Step in a Good Direction" with Cassidy Miller

An uplifting story of conversion and how we can change our lives with the help of a guiding, loving Father in Heaven. Through my journey of conversion and changing my life with God’s help, I am learning that conversion is more of a journey than a destination. Join me as we discuss how to choose conversion everyday, extend ourselves grace, and room to grow and become who we are supposed to be as we follow the Savior.

"But If Not... Holding to the Iron Rod No Matter What!" with Lindsey Shipley

Life isn’t always easy! Sometimes it gets hard, really hard! In this class, Lindsey will be sharing her journey with cancer diagnosis and treatment at age 26. We all have a picture perfect version of our life, but sometimes the Lord has other plans! The true test is accepting the unique challenges He extends, keeping our covenants, and doing our best each day. Spoiler alert: the Lord’s plans for us always turn out better!

"Engaging in the Process of Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge" with Katie Ivie

Living in an age where information can be distributed by a click of a button, deciphering between God’s truths and the philosophies of the world, can be challenging. When we are faced with a faith crisis, a personal question for God, or a question about our church’s doctrine, it is important we know how to turn Heavenward for the answers we seek. In this class, we will learn a pattern to acquire spiritual knowledge from our Heavenly Father that can help us gain confidence in our ability to answer our lives toughest questions.

"A Fixer-Upper on Hope Street" with Sharlie Kaltenbach

If you think Chip and Joanna are good at “fixing up”, wait till you see what God can do!
“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” C.S. Lewis
What’s the difference between Hope and “A perfect brightness of Hope”? And, how can we ensure that Miracles do not cease in our lives? How do we replace our fears with faith and trust that Heavenly Father’s blueprint for our palace is better than the cottage we had in mind?

"Look Unto Me in Every Thought; Doubt Not, Fear Not" with Maria Eckersley

A hands-on, interactive class about how to use the technology we already own to study the gospel, teach more effectively, and share our beliefs online. We’ll focus on how technology can help us “look unto Him” throughout our day, strengthening our faith. Then, we’ll dig into our scriptures to learn how to find the courage to share that renewed strength with others.

"Finding Life-Balance From The Inside Out" with Nicole Carpenter

Trying to handle too many things? Not enough time for your family, work and hobbies? It’s time your calendar matched your values. Learn how an internal approach to time-management can create external success in your life. Nicole will share real strategies to help you increase productivity and maximize your time – in all areas of your life.

Participants will:

  •    Understand their roles and identify the source of their overwhelm
  •    Learn to say “no” respectfully, without guilt
  •    Identify the correct way to use a to-do list for optimal success
  •    Learn how to manage their schedule through time-blocking
  •    Understand The Balance Cycle and how it can position them for success
"Why the Devil Can't I Love My Body?" with Rachel Gainer, Cheyenne Hayes, and Elizabeth Dall

Your body is a precious gift from a loving Heavenly Father. So it’s no surprise that Satan — a jealous spirit without a body — wants you to feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied, or inadequate every time you look in the mirror. If you’ve ever found yourself nit-picking or comparing your body, you aren’t alone! Most women struggle with body image and self-acceptance. This body confidence panel will help you see yourself with new eyes, feel God’s unconditional love, spot Satan’s cunning lines about beauty and wellness, and empower you with tools to love and care for the body you have right now. We’ll share our personal stories and insights, then answer your questions about body image, nutrition, fitness, and self-worth.

"Restoring a Mother's Perspective" with Shannon Tripp, Shelby Osmond, and Jonelle Hughes

During this panel, you will learn how to achieve happiness through the trenches and challenges of motherhood when it’s easy to lose an eternal perspective.

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” with Chelsea Anderson

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” Theodore Roosevelt. Joy is what our Heavenly Father wants us to have in this life and obtain eternally.  Joy is what the adversary wants to take from us in any way possible and among women, I believe one of his greatest tools is comparison. During my round table, I’ll be sharing my experiences and how I am learning to combat this devastating disease that plagues our church and our world.

"Following Promptings to Serve Those Around Us“ with Liberti Van Gass

I’m thrilled to be leading a round table discussion where we will get to learn together and from each other about following promptings, specifically to serve and bring the light of Christ to those around us. I look forward to learning from all of your life experiences, so please come ready to share about the opportunities you’ve had to serve others & the blessings in your lives from following promptings.

“My Favorite Family History Apps” with Carissa Rasmussen

Bring your family history to life by using apps! Come learn how to get started and you only need a smartphone or a tablet! Come get tons of project ideas and be inspired to involve your whole family in their history!

"Creating Unity Among Women" with Amber Richardson

Hi there dear one! My name is Amber Richardson, and I’m really grateful for the upcoming opportunity SALT is granting me to learn with you about unity—specifically about creating unity among women. This is a topic that has been on my heart and mind for a long time. Three years ago two of my dearest friends and I became aware of the deep divides that often separate women in the Church. Have you ever felt isolated in Relief Society, estranged from women that you could have a meaningful sisterhood with, or separated from yourself or God? We—and I—have. So we created a little YouTube documentary series called @splittingtheskyseries that profiles the stories of Mormon women and explores how empathy, love, vulnerability, Christ, and connection can help us heal every one of those divides. I am so thrilled to share what I’ve learned with you, and to deepen my own testimony of the exalting power of unity by engaging with your voices and your souls. Excited to see you in October!

““Lord is it I?” Embracing Your Power to Change” with Tiffany Braithwaite

Are you feeling stuck? Chances are you’re not really stuck, you’ve just STOPPED embracing your own power! Learning to embrace your power to change paves the way to experience miracles in your life. It starts with YOU! Remember–you didn’t come to earth with a mission to change others. You came to earth on a mission to first change YOURSELF. You are the most beautiful part of God’s plan–embrace it.

“Living With Faith and Finding Joy Despite Mental Health Challenges” with Julie Bristow

Julie will be presenting and discussing about living with faith and finding joy despite living with mental health challenges. Julie’s 20-year battle with chronic depression and generalized anxiety disorder have given her a special perspective of how the restored Gospel really works in the life of someone whose heart and mind often feel “broken”. She hopes to instill in the women she comes in contact with at SALT how uniquely personal the Savior has the ability to reach us despite these “God-given limitations” .  It’s okay to not FEEL okay and still be a woman of faith in Jesus Christ. Together we will learn and discuss drawing upon the principles and doctrines of the Gospel to feel of God’s love, continue to endure with faith, and to understand how the Plan on Salvation applies to these types of struggles. Hoping you find collective strength in our discussion that you are not alone in this and that there can and will be light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel.

“When Heavenly Father Says “Wait”” with Elise Hunter

During this round table, Elise will share her incredible journey of finding faith, hope, and happiness through infertility as an LDS woman. She hopes to share how Gospel truths can help us when righteous desires aren’t being fulfilled and that daily happiness is possible while enduring trials.

“Gaining Spiritual Power and Confidence by Building the Kingdom of God” with Laura Cope

Realize who you are. You have a divine purpose in God’s plan. God needs you NOW, exactly as you are. Others need YOU so that they can figure out who THEY are. Your influence and gifts will bring others the joy that they are so desperately searching for. There is no need for you to feel inadequate or scared to do what God needs you to do. Where do you start? These small and simple acts of righteousness will help you grow in confidence and power to become who God wants you to become and do what God needs you to do to build His kingdom.

““Was that Me or the Spirit?” – Practicing Mindfulness Increases Spiritual Awareness & Reduces Perfectionism” with Jackie Rock

“Was that me or the Spirit?” I, like most of you, have asked myself this question MANY times. President Monson reminded us of our true nature when quoting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” My round table discussion will focus on how mindful living opens a path to spiritual awareness (as a spirit being) and reduces our focus (as a human being) on perfectionism.

“Write the Messy, Write the Little Things, Write You” with Kasie Payne

Let’s take away all the guilt, strip away all the expectations, misconceptions, and excuses about journaling–they’re lies, anyway. Know what’s true? You are a spark of eternal glory, wrapped up completely uniquely, with over 10 thousand days full of moments of beauty and failure and power and depth and hunger and light. And all these things, these uniquely “you” things, must (must!) be told. Because messy is beautiful–capture it, keep it.

“How the Savior is the Ultimate Mediator for Marriage” with Jan Clark

Marriage is like two people trying to put together an Ikea dresser while one is speaking German and the other Chinese. Building a unified life from two entirely different backgrounds can feel complicated.  So, why would a loving Father in Heaven promote marriage and family as the central unit of the gospel when it can often feel difficult or even lonely?  Come discuss how the Savior’s Grace and power can fortify you and sanctify your relationships when you learn how to utilize what He offers as our ultimate mediator.

“Setting and Accomplishing Goals Just Like Nephi and Alma” with Lisa Andersen

In our discussion, we will dive into the scriptures and learn that Nephi and Alma aren’t that different than you and me. They had things they wanted to accomplish; BIG THINGS.  From them, we will learn how to set and achieve goals to become who the Lord wants us to be.

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